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selling drugs. ktvu's janine de la vega obtained a police report that details what else authorities found inside his apartment she joins us live. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. well, i got this police report from inside the courthouse this morning. it explains how eric lewis was caught with drugs and hidden cameras inside his home. one of them was hidden inside the nose of a teddy bear and now investigators trying to figure out if anything recorded was illegal. eric lewis remains behind bars. for fellny charges -- behind bars for fellny fell -- felony charges. it's unknown if other charges will be brought up. one camera were found at his home. >> i'm just hoping that nothing turns up with children.
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adults are consenting. hopefully they were consenting. it does raise questions it being a teddy bear. >> reporter: police took items as evidence because they knew he was a principal and wanted to see if any crimes occurredded using those cameras. >> who knows. >> it could have been for the dates he brought home. it's odd some teddy bears. we still have to go through and figure out, you know, what else he had, if anything. >> reporter: lewis was rest arrested after -- lewis was arrested after he met an under cover agent he thought was there -- undercover agent epthought was for -- he thought was there for a date. lewis's next court appearance
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is on friday. he may enter a plea. back to you. >> thank you. police have arrested at least one person in a rowdy protest over a deadly officer- involved shooting in hayward. the demonstration happened last night on tenny road road near the dirty bird lounge. police made an arrested a shut down the road after protesters started to walk into traffic. >> at some point, the crowd started to go into the traffic lanes. try to stop traffic and you had so take some law enforcement action. >> police say they shot and killed the suspect in a shooting at the dirty bird lounge early yesterday morning after the suspect tried to run them over. the person shot at the bar was treated at the hospital and -- and released. b.a.r.t. will hold a community meeting about handling complaints about b.a.r.t. in the um certain of -- summer
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of 2011, it created a citizens review board and auditing system to monitor the b.a.r.t. police. novato police have identified two suspected copper thieves arrested this morning as danny owens of san pablo and daniel ray carter of san francisco. the break-in happened at a pg&e substation in novato near bellher and keys boulevard. when officers arrived at the scene, the men were scene fleeing from a building. police caught one right away. it took locker -- longer to find the other one in a business parking lot. >> we had more officers assisting. the other subject was located hiding under a car cover. >> they are now booked into the marin county jail on a number of burglary charges. president obama is back in
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washington, d.c. this hour after two appearances in new york city. first he spoke before the united nations' general assembly where the discussion was focused on anti-american rage in response to a low- budget film that makes fun of the muslim prophet muhammad. the president said the film is an insult not ownly to muslims but to america as well. >> i have made it clear the united states had nothing to do with this video. i believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our commonality. candidate mitt romney spoke at the clinton global initiative a couple of hours before the president was there and he offered his opinion on the u.s. foreign aid system and the handling of the middle east violence. >> syria has witnessed the kill else of tennings to -- killing
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of tens of thousands of people. our ambassador to libya was assassinated in a terrorist attack. iran is moving to nuclear capability. >> there was no bipartisan resentment on stage as romney stood side by side. in fact, he joked about the good he could have on the polls. some students are hard at work today, trying to get their peers to register to vote. a rally is getting underway. new at noon, allie rasmus joins us live to explain what is difference about this registration drive. with just six weeks to go, voters registration efforts are in full swing. as you mentioned, there is a rally taking place right now on
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the steps of sprawl hall. i'm holding an official registration form. for the first time, californians can register to vote online. >> if you are on a citizen and you live in california, you are good to get. you can go to the sous's debra bowden's website. on it was launched on weds -- it was lunched on wednesday. student organizers say the website is making it much easier to convince people to take time to register. >> because we're so technology or rerented -- oriented, it's a great way to make sure that students can raise their voice
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in the election. >> it happens a -- it helps a lot. sometimes when up have the registration forms, sometimes people put the wrong information on, whereas when you have. online form you can check it. >> and that student thinks that online voter registration is actually more effective because if people make mistakes while they fill it out online, the site won't let you advance to the next page. so it sorts of checks things for you. we have the links to the online secretary of state's website on our website up just click on the website -- just click on the website.
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governor brown just signed a bill that will allow californians to register to vote on election day. right now, an eligible resident has to register at least 15 days before an election. >> the measure becomes law january 1st but could be delayed for a year or so while the statewide database is created. a new report by the college board says most high school students are not ready for college. the report says only 43% of graduating seniors who took the s.a.t. test met standards for being college-ready. while 57% of seniors did not meet the standards. the report also said that students who completed the course curriculum had better test these than those who did not -- test scores than those
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who did not. a heartbreaken father speaks out about new legislation involving party buses. rosemary will be here to tell us whether the cooler temperatures have finally bottomed out. and what the nfl league is saying about the controversial call yesterday that was a lot of people upset. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain
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oakland firefighters quickly put out a garbage fire this morning. it started inside a garbage truck. the driver know tessed the -- noticed the smoke and dumped the load of gar in a parking lot in jack london square. it's not known what started the fire. a police officer is among four injured after a fire in south san francisco. it broke out around 11:30 last night at a duplex at grand and chestnut avenue. three residents and the first police officer to respond to the scene were taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. the fire was contained the -- to the duplex and was out in about 45 minutes. >> i just -- i just hear people saying fire! fire! and when i look out the window, there was smoke. i just pick up my kids and
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ready to run. >> the red cross is helping people displaced by the fire find temporary housing. the cause of the fire is under investigation. all lanes of southbound interstate 680 just reopened following contra costa county investigation of a man's death. this was on treat boulevard, the overpass, in walnut creek. police say a man jumped from that other pass to his death around 9:15 this morning. the man's -- overpass to his death around 9:15 this morning. the man's name has not been released. a car was speeding on highway 24 around 3:15 this morning. when police tried to pull the man other he, he refused to stop. speeds stopped around 100 miles an hour when the car crashed. two people were in the car and the driver was arrested.
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investigators suspect alcohol may have been involved. this morning, the parent the of a burlingame -- the parents of a burlingame teenager spoke out. they held a news conference with assemblyman jerry hill outside their hope. they stood under a treehouse that doug built with his son, brett. two years ago, 19-year-old brett crashed his car and died after a night of drinking on a party bus. now governor brown has signed hill's new party bus law -- party bus law. starting january 1st, bus companies must require chaperons when people under -- chaperones when people under 21 will be on the bus. >> the party is over. enough is enough. our youth, our valuable. >> bus companies and drivers who break the law face
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misdemeanor fines and possible loss of licenses. the "exam inner" reports that -- "the examine" reports that the sheriff's attorney want to look into the perjury issues more with mayor lee. a landscaping crew discovered something big at hyde street near fulton when they hit something. the bricks, concrete and steel turned out to be the old city hall that collapsed during the 1906 earthquake. the current city hall building which is smaller than the original was built less than half a mile away. work started in 1913 and it was finished two years later. the nfl announced late this
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morning. it's not going to change a controversial call by replacing referees in last night's seattle seahawks game. >> the game's final play is a loss in the end zone. who has it? who did they give it to? touchdown! [ cheers ] >> the nfl says the last-second touchdown should not have been overturned but acknowledged the seahawks receiver should have been called for offensive pass interference before the catch. fog the re-- re-- seasonal temperatures in the forecast for most of us today. outside our doors, we have mostly sunny skies inland. giving you a look there. good air quality in place for today. along the coast, still dealing with gray. we'll have mostly cloudy skies for most of the coast. the entire day and temperatures will be slightly warm he.
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a ridge of pressure beginning to build in. we have a nearly breeze. just a -- a northeasterly breeze. the northerly flow with us. 55 degrees in san francisco. low 60s oakland. 66 in hayward. inland, already warm. 77 antioch, 78 in fair feel. mid-60s from napa into santa rosa. these numbers for our inland numbers anywhere from 3, 5, 8 degrees warmer than we were. so with the ridge of high pressure, a flat one in place for today. clouds will remain at the coast around the bay, 60s and 70s in the forecast inland areas. 80s a -- 80s and a few degrees warmer than yesterday. winds remain light between 5, 10 miles an hour, closer to 15 right around the bay and right around the golden gate. giving you a look at the
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afternoon highs. 72 oakland. 74 for hayward. oar the east bay hills, it will be warm. 87 livermore. 87 for pittsburg. 79 santa clara. 79 for sunnyvale. the peninsula, 74. san mateo, 76. 78 today for palo alto, mid-60s in san francisco. low 60s expected in daly city, down into pacifica and half moon play. giants play this evening. sun sits just after 7:00. your extended forecast, a subtle -- subtle changes for tomorrow. thursday we'll see a bump in the numbers and then in time for your weekend with your weekend in view. notice hot in some spots. meanwhile along the coast, more sunshine and temperatures warming into the 70s.
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some are not -- summer not gone just yet. >> thank you, rosemary. brace yourself for a bacon shortage. one trade group says the worldwide shortage of pork and bacon is now avoid -- now unavoidable. farmers around the world had less to feed their pigs. the national pig association in britain says the number of slaughtered pigs could fall and the price of european pork would double. new details about the trader joe's peanut butter recall. we've now learned that two people in california have become sick in connection with the salmonella outbreak. over the weekend, the fda linked 29 cases of salmonella to creamy salted va len seepia peanut butter sold at trader joe's. sunland corporation announced they are recalling other peanut butters and almond butters as a
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precaution. four mountain lions were shot and killed last month after fish and game received numerous complaints about them. fish and game said they had to kill the offspring because they were not young. they weighed about 60 pounds. >> you get sick. there's so many chances they can take care of the lions. >> wildlife advocates say even if the mother had to be killed, the younger ones could have been sent to a zoo or animal preserve. there are places all over the country, the group says that they could have taken them to. ahead -- why the governor will be at the google headquarters in a few minutes. and some good economic news is driving the stock market today. you and other consumers are part of the story. card. with chase liquid, there's no waiting and no fee to activate you can load cash and checks at any chase depositfriendly atm
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stocks are drifting lower today. giving up earlier gains due to concerns about sagging profits. caterpillar, fed-ex, shipping has gone to recession-like levels. >> taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 59. the nasdaq is down 27.
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s&p down 9. consumers apparently are feeling more confident about the economy than they have in seven months. the conference board reported today that consumer sentiment jumped to -- jumped to 7.3 in september. that's up almost 10 points. analysts say consumers are spending more upbeat because of the housing recovery and rising stock prices. if you need a job retailers are getting ready for the holidays and this week toys 'r' us will start hiring temporary workers. they plan to hire 45,000 seasonal workers. kohl's plans to hire 52,000. that's 5,000 more than last year for both retailers. but seasonal employment is still below pre-recession levels. halloween could set a record. 170million people will do something to celebrate. that's 71% of the u.s. population and the highest number ever. the average person will spend
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$08 on costumes, decorations and candy this year which is up from last year. that means about $8 billion in total spending. during the next hour, governor jerry brown is heading to google headquarters in mountain view. governor brown plans to sign the recently passed google robot car bill. the bill allows the self- driving cars to be tested on state roads. it also outlines rules and standards for the cars. this makes california the second state to allow the driverless cars on the road, nevada approved it in february. and tesla says it plans to build a network of charging stations across california to accommodate its electric sedan. the california-based car company unveiled the network. tesla says there are currently six locations with plans to build 100 more. the company says they can provide 150 miles of additional range of a 30-minute charge but they are not compatible with
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other electric cars. you may have noticed what looked like an incredible bright moon. it was not real. a light was placed on treasure island to create the look of moonlight to film "the internship" starring vince vaughn and owen wilson. tonight at 5:00, more on the controversy call from the game yesterday. it turns out one of the referees involved in the decision lives not too far from the bay area. more on him and the nfl negotiations at 5:00. thank you for joining us. we will see you at 5:00.
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